Have you given up?

In continuation to my blog (see http://krunal-raichura.blogspot.in/2008/10/two-dimensions-of-personal-branding.html), I would like to share an observation, and I invite your view on the same as well.

Today, I can see that most of the people have given up on this, I mean, one is not able to see himself anywhere without a degree, without a job in an MNC, without a luxury car, a beautiful and rich wife/husband etc...

Many feel that there is not identity without the above mentioned things i.e. the identity of a person is made by these things only.

I want to say that a person has a great identity even without all this, it has more to do with how you see yourself than how people around you see you. One should be able to see his identity very well in this world even without all these materialistic things. That would make you distinct from all others.

One of the qualities of greatness, I believe, is that it is not comparable. It is something that applies not only in corporate world but also in general. We don't have anyone who can be compared to Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and many others. Even in corporate world there are great leaders, and you wont find anyone who can be compared to them. This greatness in a way hasn't come necessarily from their association with educational institutes, or their husbands/wife, or their cars or just desingations....that's why its great and not comparable.

Many unfortunate people who never had access to the things which all of us have, made it big, infact the biggest. And I think that's mainly because they could see themselves in this world without a rich family, without a degree, without any of these things, and they could believe they can make it big!